Which hosting type is right for you?

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You wanted to set up a website or you are a business owner and want to be on the internet. If you are at the stage of realizing this thought, then it is time to meet with Web Hosting. Because you can implement all of these processes by purchasing a hosting package. As a matter of fact, most people learn the concepts of web hosting, which they do not know and hear much in their daily life, while setting up their site.

A good web hosting can make your site queen or disgrace. With a bad hosting, your site can constantly crash, become inaccessible and your number of visitors may decrease. On the contrary, with a good hosting, your site will be constantly accessible and your visitors will enjoy visiting a fast website and constantly visit your site. Of course, hosting alone cannot sustain your site, but it provides you with the infrastructure you need to get your site up. This shows us that choosing a good hosting is very important to get started.

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Here in today’s article, we will briefly write some basic points you should know when purchasing a hosting. However, as in many cases, you will not be able to fully experience everything with what you read here, and you will learn more by hosting and experience as you use it.

First of all, we need to determine the type of hosting you need. What kind of hosting service do you need? Which hosting type is right for you? Do you know that? If you know it means you’ve passed the first stage. Let’s take a look at types of hosting to find out.

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Shared Hosting

First, we can look at the type called Shared Hosting. This is the most widely used type of web hosting in the world. As a matter of fact, it is affordable and comes with many features. As the name suggests, your website and other people’s website share the resources of the same server in this type of hosting service. Think of a server, all software in this server is designed and used to publish a website. And your hosting company gives you a certain resource from this server it set up. You also use this resource by sharing it with all other people. If the server has 24 processor cores, 100 sites can use it together. If the server has 2TB disk, 100 sites on the server can use it together. One site does not use the entire disk, but all sites share this resource on a shared basis.

Shared Hosting can actually be divided into different sections within itself. For example, if you want to buy a shared hosting package from The email shop , you will come across many different packages. The cheapest of these packages will allow you to use 1 Processor core, while the largest package may allow you to use 4 or 6 cores. So, when you have shared hosting with a good hosting package, it is possible to use your site faster and benefit from resources more. This shows us that even if the server is the same, the resources are not distributed equally. If you want high performance, a faster website experience then you will need more system resources.

Dedicated Server Hosting

You first bought a shared hosting account. It was not enough at the end for a while. You switched to VPS. And yes, even VPS may not be able to satisfy your needs after a while. Or you may have very special projects, you may need to render. Maybe you had to set up a game server. In this case, the hosting type you should look for is Dedicated Server Rental service.

Dedicated Server represents an independent machine. Shared Hosting and VPSs actually provide a dedicated service. However, dedicated, on its own, serves itself and can contain all previous types.

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When you rent a Dedicated Server, you have a complete server. You can fully access this server remotely even if you don’t go near it. You can turn the server on and off. You can connect for BIOS operations. So you have the chance to control this server from your screen using the keyboard and mouse as if you were in front of you. This is called KVM access.

The resources you have on these servers are within the server’s own limits. Whichever processor is installed, you own the entire processor. And nobody but you can access this processor. Only your project can use these resources.

However, it also brings you performance. However, more performance can also mean more expense. The high speed you get will pay off as a cost. However, when you consider that you are getting it for your needs, the expense will tolerate itself anyway.

Which hosting service should you buy?

As a result, you will decide which hosting service to purchase by knowing what you need. If you are just starting out, it will probably be enough for a shared hosting service. You always have the chance to upgrade when you need it for more.

If you are going to start a blog site, WordPress will be a good start for you, and it’s worth checking out the WordPress Hosting packages.

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If you have a special project and do not know which type to choose, you can contact The email shop  customer service to discover the most suitable hosting type for you. We will be happy to assist you.

The web hosting industry has a very large market and it is up to you to buy a good hosting or a bad hosting. For a good hosting, it is useful to choose a server with good hardware. However, are there any restrictions on your package? You should question whether these restrictions are enough for you.

As The email shop, we are excited and happy to offer you the best hosting packages at the most affordable prices. We will be very happy to see you among thousands of happy web hosting users. If you are currently in research, let’s examine our packages together. Remember, your website hosting performance is very important to your visitors.

What if the hosting package is insufficient?

So what will happen where it is not enough? The answer is simple, you will need to upgrade. For example, you bought The email shop ‘s Unlimited M package and your number of visitors increased a lot over time. Because of this, people may enter your site more slowly when they want to enter. Because as the demand to login to your site increases, your site’s resource consumption will increase. And if you have 1 CPU power, it will start to be insufficient. In this case, when you switch to the Unlimited XL package with 4 processor power, your resource usage right will increase by 4 times. This means that your site will speed up and regain its former strength. This and similar examples can be multiplied. However, you just need to know that this is the basic principle.