How to choose women’s clothes for every occasion

There are a variety of etiquette rules in all fields, including fashion. There are a few parameters to fill in when it comes time to dress. This is why in Trendclic we bring you some advice to choose the clothes for women for every occasion.

Rules of etiquette that must be observed

These standards are met in everyday life, so take them into account. One of the primary aspects is the female etiquette is given by the men. If you have any doubts in this matter you can consult with the organizers of the event.

Although the feminine label does not exist, there are some codes that apply in clothing. To complete the dress code is essential that you know the type of event to celebrate. For example, if it’s a media etiquette event you can wear a cropped dress. Also a two piece suit or an informal evening dress. Another option can be a dark suit but it is not black in color.

The morning or afternoon label requires an evening dress or two-piece suit. It is important to wear a dress above the knee. If you are wearing a waistcoat, it should be gray or black.


While the evening clothes are exclusively long and black in color, but the dress that does not touch the ground, and the shoes for all to see.

For whom you are well combined you need to know the time of the event, who is accompanying you and where you are going. Another important point is who you are comfortable with and who you feel good about above all charizma online  else. By maintaining your personality and your look will be authentic. Always try to give your clothes a personal touch and add clothes that emphasize your figure to your wardrobe.
However, you can play around with the styles of clothing if the work rules allow it.

Curved pants
One option to dress up in the office are the formal line bulging pants. They are elegant and comfortable, also they have a particular style of skinny shape. Wear them with jersey, plain blouses or buttons, polo shirts or other clothing if there is air conditioning in the office.

You think that the bulging pants are not the same wide style. These pants sobia nazir should be a bit large in the pocket areas and at the thigh but on the ankles should be adjusted. These clothes are available in Khaki, line and cotton fabrics. Choose the indicated at your work.

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