The Way to choose a web host for your website

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The Sort of web hosting offered

Based upon Your performance, customization and resources demands, there are different types of hosting:

Shared hosting in which the server is shared with other websites;

Dedicated hosting when the physical server can be obtained to one customer;

VPS hosting that is a combination of both to get more flexibility;

cheap email hosting which does not have its own technical definition. It can be a VPS, or even more traditional hosting.

Whether it’s shared hosting, dedicated VPS or fully handled, as offered on the website, examine the advantages and disadvantages of each. Ask yourself if you require it, don’t necessarily look for the most expensive web hosting offer however, the one adapted to your project, and don’t be afraid to seek advice from your supplier.

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It is also necessary to confirm the proposed best email hosting for small business uk offer is compatible with your CMS or e-commerce platform. WordPress dominates the net by far but there are also other CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, or even Magento which may benefit from dedicated offers.

Support in the web host

In the event of technical problems, it’s better to be able to count on available and responsive support. If anything happens to a server or your website, whether it’s technical errors or DNS attacks, you need to have the ability to repair it quickly. Likewise, if you run an eCommerce website, you will lose money every minute your website is down. So make sure to have reliable support from your web host.

In particular, it is important to check the available support stations (email, forums, live chat, telephone, etc.) in addition to the hours of accessibility.


Technical features

Performance is essential for any website and so is the uniqueness of your enterprise. Here are the Primary technical criteria to check at:

The Quantity of free disk space;

Disc technologies (HDD, SDD or NVMe);

The available bandwidth;

The Amount of databases that can be created;

The Amount of email accounts Which Can Be created;

Compatibility with your development environment (PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.).

The positioning of the servers

Some email hosting providers allow you to pick the place of your information center. This may be interesting if, by way of example, you’re a French company that trades with remote nations, like the ones situated in Asia.

If your customers are mostly Europeans, then it will be good to think about a French host. You benefit from the financial and legal guarantees of a business domiciled in France. You are not determined by the legislation of different countries, which might have a strategic perspective of the content you host.

This is especially the case with the platform we mentioned previously, which has its own servers. It’s among the best offers on the market concerning quality / cost ratio whilst offering easily accessible support in case of problem. This web host also includes its own data centers and does not host its infrastructure using subcontractors.

This is a significant point, because using an abuse of language, a few service providers indicate that they’ve got their own infrastructure with no controlling their information centre: which is unfortunate in case of an incident.

Safety provided by the sponsor

Based on what your business is doing, while it’s e-commerce or supplying information, you might have higher standards to fulfill when it comes to security. It is thus necessary to confirm that your server reacts correctly to all these expectations.

In all cases, having secure hosting will allow you to be more peaceful by protecting your data and preventing the risks of breakdown and hacking. Finally, it is important to have the possibility of earning automatic copies in order to have the ability to make copies in case of problems.