Data centers: what they are, security and how to choose a data center in Italy

What are data centers and how to choose them

What is the most important element of your company? Capital, machinery, human resources, customers: there are many possible answers, but in recent years a particular element, data , is growing in importance . And with them the way they are managed, to keep them safe and use them to grow the company. That’s why data centers are playing a central role in the digital economy, with growth that also involves Italy.

In some respects your data is the brain of the company. They fuel business decisions, keep customers informed, determine if you are growing from year to year and help plan the future. So why not manage your data in the best possible way?

If your business grows and needs to take data management to another level, it will need to have a data center . But data centers are more than just a structure protected with space, electricity and the internet. They are becoming an integral part or even an extension for many companies, offering additional products and services that will also benefit customers.

That’s why we will see what data centers are, what services they offer, how to choose the best solution for your company and why move towards a data center in Italy .

What are Data Centers

A data center is a network of hardware and software processing and storage resources, which enables the distribution of shared applications and data. In the corporate IT world, the data center supports enterprise applications. They range from simple email and file sharing, to customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), to big data, to communication and collaboration services.

Data center components often form the core of the corporate information system . Therefore, these facilities usually require a significant investment in support systems, including air conditioning systems, smoke / fire detection, personnel, safe entrance and identification, etc. This is why companies in Italy also tend to entrust these activities to companies specialized in data center management.

What solutions and services do Data Centers offer?

Data centers are often real server farms, since they host a large concentration of servers stacked in horizontal rows. These centers can store and serve websites, perform email and instant messaging services, provide online storage and applications, enable e-commerce transactions, and do a myriad of other things.

Data centers, also in Italy , offer two main types of solutions: Hosting and Housing . In the first case, a “virtual space” is offered, in which the company can save data, applications, websites, etc. In the second case it offers a real physical space in which the company (or public body) can position its servers.

In both cases, the company no longer needs to manage its own data center internally. So let’s see how to choose the data center that best suits your needs.


Data centers are now important allies of companies and this is increasingly true even for medium and small Italian companies. There are data centers in almost all regions of Italy, from Lombardy to Sicily and they are able to provide specific solutions for companies operating in the area.

Thanks to the reduced costs, the greater security and the services offered, data centers are now an advantageous choice even for companies that have an internal IT department, since they are also more organized for any emergency situations. Data is a real asset for businesses and it is probably time for you to choose a data center in Italy too .