Digital Marketing Manager: what he does, how much he earns and what to do to become one

Who is the Digital Marketing Manager ? What does a Digital Marketing Manager do and how much does it earn in 1 year?

What is Marketing ? Why is ours a digital society?

There is a definition from the American Marketing Association , according to which:

The Marketing , therefore, involves a series of actions and activities designed to achieve a given goal and the creation of value around the farm, to the brand and to the goods or services offered.

Let’s proceed in order and see what this article is about.

What is digital marketing?

And how many times have we heard that ours is a digital society, in which all the main relationships, not only economic but also social, take place through the web and social media?

It is now evident that whatever one’s role and whatever one’s objectives, one cannot ignore the parallel and virtual world of digital.

All this is more evident where new markets and new tools become vehicles of huge profits for companies.

The term Digital Marketing identifies all those marketing strategies implemented through the digital channels and tools of the web. It represents the job sector in which investors have been able to create more employment and interest today.

In fact, digital is a market in itself, with its own logics and strategies that the company cannot avoid because everything now revolves around the web.

Today companies and consultancy companies are looking for young people who know how to interpret the complexity of changing contexts and who are able to create added value, through staff development and management.

Who is the Digital Marketing Manager

It is easy to imagine the importance of a professional figure such as that of the digital marketing manager, whose primary task is to reach one’s target in the places where he spends most of his free time (and not only): online and on social networks.

The Digital Marketing Manager is a transversal figure who deals with:

  • Coordinate all online marketing activities
  • Define the tools to be used and implemented for the purposes of the strategy
  • Take care of customer care
  • Monitor the development of material useful for a Marketing strategy (engagement, communication, visual and textual content, marketing strategy, customer and potential purchase process).

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

But what does a Digital Marketing specialist do? As a figure transversal to the entire strategic business process, he is responsible for defining marketing strategies by combining traditional sales and communication strategies with new ones linked to digital systems, based on the company’s mission and vision.

Therefore, a Digital Marketing Manager translates all those processes related to traditional marketing into a digital strategy.


Define the budget through which to manage the whole process

Develop and plan digital marketing campaigns through SEO and PPC techniques, defining strategies for channeling online traffic to the company website

Define and implement commercial strategies that combine traditional tools of direct communication with the customer (such as e-mail marketing) and data management and treatment, (like all CRM-related activities) with a seductive charm of social media

Define the social media strategy

Improve the performance of the company website, through the trends of online research in the sector.

How to become an expert in Digital Marketing

As with all professional activities, working in digital marketing also requires a strong passion and attitude.

Passion and attitude, however, alone are not enough.

The best way to specialize in online Marketing and to find work immediately is through training .

A Digital Marketing Manager can work in both large and small businesses. It is clear that, depending on the size of the company, the specific tasks and roles that a Digital Marketing Manager covers will change.

In smaller companies a Digital Marketing Manager carries out his activities independently, while in larger ones he supervises the work done by other subordinate figures.

The salary of a Digital Marketing Manager

The salary issue varies, of course, depending on the size of the company where a Digital Marketing Manager works. It is generally a well-paid job and the average annual salary is around € 48,000 (€ 25 per hour approximately), for a price range ranging from € 34,000 to € 68,000.


In an environment so attractive (because it is a mine of potential contacts) but delicate (due to more intangible logic), the Digital Marketing Manager must be able to scrupulously take care of the relationship with customers and potential customers, managing scrupulously and not the relationship with their social contacts is ambiguous, making them the spokesperson and face of their brand.

Better not to improvise!

To become a Digital Marketing Manager you need knowledge in economics or communication, preferably a degree in Economics or Communication Sciences , combined with a postgraduate specialization in Marketing and Strategic Communication .

AFORISMA – School of management, in the Master in Marketing & Digital Communication Strategy transmits all these skills in an impeccable way to be able to start a successful career from the beginning and enter the job market not as a novice, but from the main door.

This occurs both thanks to the qualified teaching staff (the faculty , in fact, is one of the elements that has allowed us to obtain the prestigious ASFOR certification for this Master) and thanks to a distinctive element of the Master: the path of Balancing Competences and Career Counseling .