How to transfer the content of a Wix site to a WordPress site

Wix seems to be a really attractive and very practical choice for people who have entered this world recently or for small companies that do not intend to hire a professional who creates a professional website.

Thanks to the beautiful Wix templates and the intuitive interface, the user has the possibility to create a website with Wix aesthetically beautiful in a quick, simple and comprehensive way.

It looks perfect, doesn’t it? Yes .. maybe at the beginning a solution of this kind could also be fine (even if we don’t recommend it) but over time the limits of Wix will become more and more evident and you will find yourself unable to perform many operations that with any other CMS you could have done.

But it is not over here, who builds a website with SiteBuilders, in this case creating a Wix site, it is very difficult to correctly position in the search engines and therefore in addition to having limits it will also be difficult to find the website within search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

How to transfer the content of a Wix site to a WordPress site
At this point, the user can decide to recreate a new website with a CMS such as WordPress or he can choose to transfer the existing website from Wix to WordPress (recommended choice).

But what do you need to transfer the site from Wix to WordPress?

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To transfer content from Wix to WordPress, we recommend following this procedure step by step:

Import content manually from Wix to WordPress
Since Wix is ​​a closed and not open source platform, it is not possible to transfer the content directly but it is necessary to import the Wix RSS feed instead of having to manually recreate each single Post.

To do this you need to follow this procedure step by step:

  1. Detect RSS feed: Add /feed.xml to the end of the URL of your Wix site to locate the RSS file (example:, if you view it it means that the site has been built with the first versions of Wix and consequently you can follow this procedure, while if you do not view it in any browser it means that you are using a new version of Wix that does not contain RSS feeds.

How to transfer a site from Wix to WordPress

  1. RSS feed code: Using the Google Chrome browser you should view the code as indicated in the previous screen, once you have seen the code click on the right mouse button and save the file on your computer, if you cannot save it copy the code to the inside a file you will need to create and rename feed.xml
  2. Import RSS: Log into the WordPress backend in the Tools> Import> section where you will see the option to import RSS, click on the “Install Now” button and then “Run Importer”.

At this point you will need to upload the feed.xml file to import the entire content of the Wix site into your new WordPress site.

  1. Check Wix content: You can check if all posts have been imported correctly by accessing on Articles> All Articles. If the entire feed has not been imported correctly, simply repeat the operation by editing the XML file and removing the posts that have already been imported.
  2. Import images from Wix: Even if your articles have been transferred correctly, the images inside the Posts are still hosted on Wix, so to be able to solve this problem you have two options:

Manually save all the images on your computer and upload them in the Media> Library section or to speed up the procedure you can upload all the images via FTP.
You can install and activate the additional WordPress plugin: Import external images. After installing and activating the plugin, go to Media> Import images> and click the “Import images now” button.

  1. Transfer pages from Wix to WordPress: Unfortunately there is no automatic way to transfer pages from Wix to WordPress so every single page will have to be recreated manually on WordPress. To do this, go to the Wix page you want to move to WordPress, copy the entire content and create a new page with this content within WordPress; when you have finished customizing the page, click on the “Publish” button to make it active on your WordPress site.