Basic clothes for men’s wardrobes

Basic clothes for men’s wardrobesThere are basic clothes for the men’s wardrobe.

They which are paramount and should not be missed to complete every look. In Trendclic we explain the pieces that you must always have in your wardrobe for every occasion.

Look good with the correct parts
It is normal to want to look good for every occasion. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to combine to get a look that fits the occasion. You can have a range of pieces and not know how to combine them.

We always recommend that you have basic clothes in your wardrobe. They will be the versatile pieces that give you a classic style to your look and you can combine them to your liking. And complement them with a personal or ideas gul ahmed fashionable touch.

In this post we give you the recommendations for buying the parts that you need and are very useful in obtaining the appropriate look.

At least one costume

The pieces that should not be missing are the costumes. It is useful for those formal occasions, with this garment, where the dress code is formal to be in the style of the special occasion.

We recommend who you choose a black, navy blue or gray piece. This is how stripes or various styles that you like are not excluded, including you can own one or more designs. But the first three are the most worn and classic.satrangi

Besides that neutral colors are simpler and we pretend to look for possible combinations.

Another important aspect to take into account is how to wear the piece neither very large nor small. Check that the costume is your size, your arm measurement, and the pants are long and tall.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a costume that fits your figure very well. In these cases, you can opt to look for a good tailor for the fit.

A white shirt
A white shirt is also the favorable one. This flow is easy to wear and can be combined very well, you can achieve a minimalist look with another tone or just give a touch of style with prints.

This room is a world of possibilities and combinations. The versatility makes khaadi sale  it work with elegant styles, like a suit, or to be casual combined with jeans. Best of all is looking good.

The white shirt will make you stand out arranged and heavy. It is great for going to the office, to an important event or a more relaxed occasion. But if you don’t want to look too stylish, you can wear only the suit pants or a casual one.

Neutral t-shirts
T-shirts are the basic clothes for your wardrobe . These are the clothes of your day. They are ideal for casual outings, and on hot days. We always recommend choosing neutral colors that combine with all looks.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have t-shirts of other tones, with designs or prints. But now we’re talking about basic pieces, smooth and neutral in color are the most versatile.

You can give them more personality to your outfits with jackets or shoes in contrasting colors. Also, for the colder days of the year are the base before wearing the jersey or other pieces that complement your look.

A sweat
It doesn’t hurt that your wardrobe there are more sporty things they can bring a frock design good style to your look, since there is a wide variety of sweatshirts. This piece is ideal for cold days.

In addition to being very convenient, they can be the perfect addition to your looks. It all depends on what clothes you have. If you choose a sweatshirt with a zipper and a hood, it is perfect to combine with a shirt.

If you prefer a more classic sweatshirt, that it be smooth, unicoloured and with the round neck you can combine it with your white shirt and go to the office. And combine it with jeans and casual shoes.

It is one of our favorite clothes. Among these there is a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Take your chances with them and buy the one you like.

This piece is a little more sophisticated than the shirt and you can combine them in your more casual look without other complements. Wearing a polo shirt with the khaki type pants is our favorite combination and it is perfect for all men, because it is a more arranged style.

Also you can wear them on hot days with Bermuda shorts. This type of t-shirt offers a variety of combinations, do not limit you to combine.

The jeans
We love jeans. They are a universal garment and everyone has a polo shirt in your wardrobe. If you want them to be your favorite when it comes to shopping for jeans online choose black. They can be of the straight cut or the most adjusted. It is your decision.

This garment is perfect for formal or informal styles. Only you have to combine it in the correct way. If you want to go with friends you can combine it with a shirt of your preference or a polo shirt and sneakers.

If you want to go a little more elegant you can opt to combine them with a white shirt, the blazer of your suit and the elegant shoes. They can be combined with a belt.

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Beige colored pants
The beige colored pants are excellent for contingencies combinations. You can wear them with t-shirts for informal outings. Also they are perfect for events that are not so formal.

A great option is to combine it with light-colored shirts, it can be a tie from pastel blue, a belt and complete with elegant shoes. You can opt for the color brown. They are good with persimmon.

Bermuda shorts for warmth

This garment is perfect for the warmer seasons of the year. When you need to wear a cool piece but look good, these are the perfect option. A tip for combining them is not to wear high socks, they are strictly prohibited.

There is a range of cuts. You need to know the best parts for your figure. We always prefer the classics. With these models you can achieve a good Navy style that is the cry of fashion.

Only you need a striped shirt, casual shoes, your Bermuda shorts, they can be navy blue, beige or black, sunglasses and to complete your look with a hat. If you are going to the beach where the season is very sunny, it will be a perfect look to see yourself well.

The belt, a key accessory
Belts go unnoticed many times. Can not be. Because the belt is the complement to complete your look or it can ruin the look if you don’t know how to combine it.

One way to wear it in the correct form is to combine it tone with shoes. Also you have to know who the belts cannot always wear them. So you don’t need this accessory for every shoe.

You can have a black or a brown belt, they are indicated because they are neutral in color. They are perfect for all occasions.

A tie
Ties are the accessories that are not worn all the time. Unless you work in the office and you have to wear it obligatorily, then the best option is to have ties in your wardrobe, for the doubts. They work perfectly when we want to be on another level of the casual look.

You can look for a tie that is smooth or in colored stripes. However, black will nishat linen be the classic that cannot be missing in your wardrobe.

Black or brown formal shoes
Now we are talking about the shoes. If there is one thing that all men should have in the wardrobe, is black and brown shoes. You can opt because they are dress and others are of the casual type.

Currently, you can find a variety of shoes. So you have to choose the shoes which you want to wear to your liking.

If you want casual shoes you can choose semi-formal ones. Like the shoes of the brand Pepe Jeans this style is the appropriate one to wear with Bermuda shorts or khaki pants.

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Sports shoes
Who doesn’t like to be very convenient during the day. Sports shoes or sneakers are the perfect option. But this type of shoe is not suitable to wear them on all occasions, ie, you cannot go to a labeled event with them.

But if you can wear with jeans, Bermuda shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, with sports clothes, or other pieces.

There are shoes for every sport, but if you don’t practice any sporting activity, you can opt for casual shoes for the look of the day. There are various prices, just choose your favorite and it all depends on the use.

These are the basic clothes for the men’s wardrobe. With these pieces you can combine them to your taste and for all occasions. Come and tell us, what other room do you want to add to the list?