What is fashion ready-to-wear


Surely you have most of your clothes from an exclusive brand in the stores that are available to you that have multiple sizes of the same design, but that was not always the case. This is achieved, thanks to a concept that we will explain today, to know what is the ready-to-wear fashion in this article of the sale of clothes of major brands .

What is fashion ready-to-wear
It is a French expression that has become popular worldwide. These are basically designs that are not unique, that come in different sizes, but that they are nothing common.

For whom you better understand what thing we are talking about, we explain a little about the history and the impact of this trend in society.

It is a tendency that has gotten to revolutionize the time of haute couture and to be a popular fashion that is more formal.

With various quality standards and sizes, which are exclusive for the middle class.

The ready-to-wear pieces are made in the massive or industrial form. With economical materials, concerning has used them in haute couture. Also, a design that has various sizes (XS, S, M, L, among others) but is not worn on too formal occasions.

They include basic women’s parts but top quality. That you shouldn’t miss in your closet.

The birth of ready-to-wear fashion
Its beginnings date back to the middle of the twentieth century and arose because of economic crises, political changes and revolutions.

The smartest designers took the opportunity to create this new trend. Pierre Cardin, was one of the precursors, he seeks to democratize fashion and take it out to the streets. Gradually designers like Yves Saint Laurent khaadi pret   are joined. The fashion world and society have changed in a short time.

at the end of the 1950s, there was a great fashion revolution on an international level. The high fashion houses have started showing their pieces in various sizes and can be obtained from a boutique directly.

At this time it is not necessary to take long sessions to take measurements and make adjustments. Ready-to-wear pieces were the most economical and also the most popular.

The well-crafted designate garment was intended for tall social groups. While ready-to-wear was for the class with less purchasing power, but for a much larger market.rang rasiya

Little by little, the big fashion houses said goodbye to their best customers.

They gave way to young ready-to-wear fashion designers, many of them inspired by the trends offered in fashion capitals such as Paris, Milan, London and New York.

The form to present the new collections have also undergone major changes. From an intimate and warm meeting in a small room, they became big popular calls, with publicity that had a big social impact.


Ready-to-wear fashion brands
The brands of ready-to-wear are responsible for marketing their designs price medium and low. This will interest them more widely.

Brands that work with this type of clothing sell their designs to wholesale stores. Everything is possible after a series of parades that take place in Fashion Week twice a year.

After having each design, the boutiques place their orders early and the fashion house sana safinaz sale begins production. They work on demand, approximately 12 months in advance so as not to risk excess production and reduce inventory costs.

Some designers also sell in their stores.

The increase in ready-to-wear products and brands has also spurred the growth of the copy industry. This lessens the luxury and exclusivity to any design.

It is common to see certain pieces in the streets that are similar to parade pieces. But with certain details such as the quality of the materials, or small changes in the design or the color.

The clothing begins to be an often massive reproduction that is a direct consequence of the Ready-to-wear trend .

The most important designers of ready-to-wear fashion:
Yves Saint Laurent:
He is one of the precursors of ready-to-wear fashion.
He has become very popular thanks to his incredible imagination to redesign male clothes and transform them into beautiful pieces.
One of the creators of the popular tuxedo jacket.
Tom Ford:

Now he is considered one of the best fashion designers.

During the year 2000 he won the award for the best khaadi pret sale designer of the year.
He worked by Gucci y Yves Saint Laurent.
Christian Dior:
Dior popularized luxury and exceeded it once again after the Depression of World War II.
It is characterized for feminine, elegant and classic tailoring.
Calvin Klein:
The success of the designer in the world of fashion he relates with the launch of his first collection of denim pants in the 70s . Men’s jeans .
Fashion revolutionized the 90s with minimalist designs without excessive adornments.
Ralph Lauren:
Its name became popular after the market launch of the short sleeve shirt with the Polo logo that today it is a basic item of clothing in every man’s wardrobe.
Coco Chanel:

Very popular for its modernist designs, practical and simple as well as feminine.

She is considered one of the 100 most important people of the XX century
Giorgio Armani:
He is one of the most important designers of his epic.
It is characterized by its masculine designs of well-finished cuts.
These designers are the founders of very important firms and brands in the fashion world. Its success has been linked to innovation, quality and also the image that has reached every fashion house.

Ready-to-wear is the garment that we look at in stores?

To see the answer to this question, the first thing that we will explain is the following classification that we will explain is the following classification or the stopover:

Haute couture : it refers to the tailoring of exclusive clothes that are made to measure for the customer (you have to go directly with a designer).
Luxury ready-to-wear : it is more expensive, luxury and limited than ready-to-wear. For example, an edition of certain Carolina Herrera clothing.
Ready-to-wear : it refers to more casual clothes, but they are branded or from exclusive firms, for example, a pair of Armani jeans or a pretty dress from Chanel.
Great marcas : they are the clothes of great consumption, for example, the pieces of stores like Forever 21, Aeropostale or Zara.
To avoid confusion reminds us that ready-to-wear clothes are luxury. They are found in various sizes. They are paid at affordable prices to be in a larger public. But that is, everyone can have a room. Also they are made by designers.

While consumer clothing is more economical.

And although they are inspired by the latest fashion trends, they are designated for the common use of the whole community.

But, the big brands have lost ground slightly as their customers have started betting for another new designer, who makes the pieces of low price but of good quality.

We can say that ready-to-wear fashion is used as an inspiration by designers of the small market and of consumer brands. What do you think about this trend? Tell us.