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The most exciting thing about preparing for a wedding ceremony is obviously the choice of the nuptial appearance. However, the enthusiasm we give to this choice may vary depending on the type of ceremony we plan to organize. If for a religious ceremony, we do not hesitate to explore the option of the most glamorous and extravagant models of wedding dresses, we prefer lawn frock design  to remain generally more sober when it comes to choosing the dress for walk past the mayor. However, even if it wants to be more discreet than a religious ceremony, the civil marriage remains despite everything, a solemn ceremony which deserves an outfit worthy of the name, and to help you precisely in the choice of this outfit, Persun offers you through this article, the option of short wedding dresses .

Benefits of the short wedding dress

short chic wedding dress by Audrey Hepburn

Since Audrey Hepburn opted for a short dress during her first marriage to Andrea Dotti at the Town Hall in Morges, the short wedding dressfor civil weddings, has become a timeless and timeless trend. Indeed, they have the particularity of highlighting the bride in an elegant, classy and sexy way, revealing on the one hand the legs on the other hand, surfing on a classic-chic look that makes the whole look absolutely. modern and charming. It must be recognized that this short wedding dress trend perfectly meets the needs and requirements of a 21st century bride who wants to be much more relaxed and more comfortable in order to fully enjoy her day on D-Day. So, while this option winter dress design  saves you from the discomfort and hassle of an endless drag, at the same time it allows you to move more easily and dance the night away without any restraint. Moreover, beyond civil marriages, short wedding dresses also match many other wedding themes such as retro weddings, vintage weddings, etc. But still it would be necessary to know how to wear it well.

Short wedding dress for different place
Before you start looking for the perfect dress, set a date for the wedding and find your venue. Your dress should be appropriate for the time of year and location – obviously there’s no point in buying a micro-mini dress if you’re having a winter wedding in a church. Here are some tips for choosing a short wedding dress, taking the location into account.

Off Shoulder Short Wedding Dress Embellished With Flowers And Feathers For Beach Wedding
Beach wedding dress with bardot neck and 3D flowers

A short wedding dress eliminates the risk of the dirty train. Go for loose chiffon and soft laces, with cropped hems and bare shoulders.

Church or other sacred place
Short tight wedding dress in lace illusion neckline embellished with cap sleeve rhinestones
Jeweled Illusion Neck Illusion Sheath Short Sheath Wedding Dress

Some women prefer not to wear anything too revealing. A short wedding dress with a traditional lace pattern is perfect for a religious wedding because it is quite regal. If you are not a fan of lace, consider wearing your short wedding dress with a full veil for a grand entrance. This style was popular in the 1920s, so try to find images from that era for more inspiration. Alternatively, you can opt for a short sleeved wedding dress.

Registry Office
simple v-neck short wedding dress

The key here is to keep it simple – for example, with a basic or a sheath dress.

Civil ceremony
mid-length wedding dress v-neck short sleeve in lace with pocket
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Choose according to the type of civil ceremony you will have. There is no need for an elaborate long ball gown if it’s a small affair with only 12 guests. Conversely, if you are expecting 200 guests, you may feel underclothed in a plain plain wedding dress with minimal details .

And …
short persun wedding dress
Like long wedding dresses, short wedding dresses also come in a multitude of shapes. And to choose the one that will best sublimate you, it is important to take your body type into account. If, for example, you have an hourglass-shaped body type, the ideal would be to opt for a dress model that will highlight your chest or your waist, such as sheath models or skater cuts. On the other hand, if you are small and thin, you can bet on straight cuts while subtly adding volume to your figure through frills or drapery.

Tradition has it that brides-to-be wear long white dresses during the wedding ceremony. If you want to break the custom and stand out from the crowd by wearing a short wedding dress , you are not alone in the world, it has become a trend in recent years. Retro, classic or modern, the short wedding dress is perfect for women who like to move and dance, but above all who are not afraid to show their personality.