The 5 Most Common Vectors of Attack of SSL Technology

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Since we began to implement and use electronic commerce, we discovered that an issue becomes essential for its proper functioning. We talk about security, which if not addressed can cause the loss of our company due to theft and attacks against it or simply the disapproval of the users and the corresponding authorities, which is why our platform would disappear.

It was then that to improve the situation, SSL technology was launched several years ago. It is thanks to this element that people, customers and users have the possibility of achieving confidential and protected browsing, keeping their information out of the reach of people external to the transaction and thereby preventing them from being involved in deception or fraud. The only condition is that to fully enjoy this element, you must know how to administer it correctly.

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This means that managing it should not be taken as an option, it should be taken as an obligation. Understanding your requirements will result in its correct implementation, which will bring the expected results. On many occasions, the effectiveness of this element is criticized or questioned, however we are not aware that the reason for the failure is mismanagement or incorrect use of this element.

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In the same way, speaking as clients, we must also participate in the identification of said protocol. By knowing how to identify which sites are actually using it, we avoid being victims of fraud, deception and theft, something that according to statistics from important digital security firms is something every day. Likewise, it is our duty to know how it works. For example, it is vitally important to understand that the first thing to identify is:

The navigation bar will turn green when it directs us to the site

The URL address will start with the acronym HTTPS, protocols that guarantee a secure communication channel between the site-client

An icon in the form of a padlock will appear on the site and when you click it, all the information that corresponds to who manages the site will be broken down.

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Having identified the above, it is extremely important that you understand the technical elements that come into play when starting the service request process. The basic thing is that when entering this process is that we obtain two keys, one public and one private, which give us the security that only the parties in question will have access to the personal information that is shared. In addition to those keys, algorithms called hashes are put into operation, which give rise to the digital signature, digital certificates and the security that nothing is modified without the validation of those who are carrying out the process.

It is then that through this security protocol people have been part of a complete revolution, where the main constant is the renewal and updating of security parameters so that cybercriminals do not have access to our information or, failing that, to the of our clients. However, as well as positive advances in the matter, cybercriminals have managed to decipher new ways to attack, which is why it is normal to find the news that there are some elements that we must attend to in order not to be victims of cybercrime.

All of the above makes it functional and reliable that electronic transactions are carried out in a reliable manner for the parties that come into action and, in turn, validated. And boy is the above important, since we must verify everything through the certification authorities. They are in charge of identifying which are the official sites to keep user browsing and their integrity protected. As well as they are in charge of keeping the community in general informed of when the certificates should be revalidated, since if the security is not done, it becomes obsolete and gives rise to possible attacks.

The 5 attack vectors for SSL technology

Although the attack options are innumerable, we must know that the main reason is that we do not have SSL certificates or that once we obtain them, we have control over them, updating them, renewing them and adjusting them to the needs that we have to cover by the services we offer. For example, by not doing the above we could be victims of these 5 headaches for platform administrators:

Heartbleed: Your bug is in the OpenSSL cryptographic libraries. This flaw gives cybercriminals the ability to read customers’ personal information, thereby obtaining private keys and access to accounts. According to information from Symantec, around 4.5 million patients were affected by breaching the security of a hospital and exposing their information.

POODLE: The problem was that in this version of the SSL protocol, it referred to the use of other TLS versions or in the same way obsolete SSL, with which data saved in cookies was obtained and thereby decrypting what was being encrypted. It is said that despite the fact that the ruling was made public, many companies were still vulnerable by not attending to him and verifying the versions.

FREAK: This flaw became the favorite item by cybercriminals for the vulnerable system. It allowed men-in-the-middle attacks to be carried out, that is, for cybercriminals to interpose themselves in the communication established by clients with a platform, thus obtaining the information. It is caused by defects in the OpenSSL software. Apple users are said to have been the most affected.

Shellshock: This element will cause a headache for Linux users, as it is one of the most common with 70% of use. Its main effect was that by violating its protocol, cybercriminals could install malware and also deceive those who visit the site, in order to scam or infect them. Although it is not a failure of the SSL certificates, it shows that for SSL to work correctly the server must function optimally.

Bar Mitzvah: This vulnerability corresponds to the interception of credentials due to the failure of the algorithm in charge of encryption, RC4. According to its use, it corresponds to 30% of use, something that is sought to change since the AES option already exists.

Actions that can improve the effects generated by these vectors

Coordinate with Certification Authorities: When looking for a certification authority, we must have as a priority that in the face of faults that may arise, they will immediately take the necessary measures such as changes of keys and protocols.

Carry out constant analysis: Vulnerability analysis should be done as many times as necessary to anticipate possible attacks from malicious entities.

  • Updates and renewals ready.
  • Comparison of systems with market demands.
  • Do not go because of the cost, since as in everything, cheap is expensive.

Check comments and opinions about the certification authorities, since in the forums and comments you can find the solution to your problems.

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