Dedicated IP: what is it?

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Dedicated IP , dedicated server, dedicated hosting or shared hosting, shared server and shared IP🤯. Many people are confused when it comes to differentiating these terms.

If you are an entrepreneur, know that this distinction is very important when choosing which type of hosting you will hire for your website. What’s more, does this interfere with your site’s position on Google?

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Dedicated IP: what is it?

Dedicated IP: how does it work?

What is the Dedicated IP for?

Why is Dedicated IP So Important?

How Does Shared IP Affect Site Ranking?

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Improve Your Placement on Google

Dedicated IP: what is it ?

Before addressing the relevance of dedicated IP , you need to understand what IP is : Internet Protocol is a unique label that exists to identify each computer connected to the network, and functions as an address

This description is made up of code made up of a long numerical sequence like However, to access a website, you just type in its name, .

Name *

Email *

Office *

Company *

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In some cases, you may not even know what the site is, but deduce it by typing the name of the company and find it quickly, right ?! This is because this easy-to-remember address, usually assigned to brands, is just a shortcut that facilitates memorization and practical access to websites.

Now imagine if, instead of the name, you had to remember a long numeric code for each of your favorite sites?

“Ram memory” is available… 😅

Dedicated IP: how does it work?

In the case of Dedicated IP , this encoding – which is the real IP – becomes unique, that is, the site gains an exclusive number.

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In addition, the dedicated IP is a way to show Google that the site invests in infrastructure and that it has a unique address, that is, it will not have another site with viruses or problems at the same address.

However, it is very common for a website to be hosted on a shared server, resulting in just one IP for thousands of other websites.

The opposite occurs when the site does not share its server with any other, a much more expensive service known as a dedicated server.

Keep following to understand if this can affect the ranking of the site

What is the Dedicated IP for?

Well, you know that SEO ( Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Optimization ) makes it easier for customers to find your site. Based on this assumption, the IP will serve to tell you where your website is hosted.

While websites hosted on exclusive servers have the advantage of having their own dedicated IP address , websites on shared hosting plans will have to share the same hosted IP address with other accounts.

Therefore, the recommendation here is very simple: if you can, prefer web hosting with a dedicated IP !

This is because the use of a shared IP address can lead to a number of possible security threats and discrimination by search engines. But the question that doesn’t stop is:

Why is Dedicated IP So Important?

Dedicated IP

Benefits of Web Traffic → If you have a website that generates a good volume of traffic, you must have a dedicated IP that helps to maintain and increase the speed of loading, and eliminate changes such as crashing at any time due to heavy traffic;

Enables Security Certificates → If you have an online store and allow customers to make purchases using credit cards, you need to install an SSL certificate, however, this certificate has a greater weight when you also have a dedicated IP ;

Protect Site Activities → Having a dedicated IP means not sharing the server with other accounts (sites) and, automatically, not worrying about other sites running scripts that put the entire server at risk;

Improves Search Placement → Google gives more importance to sites with dedicated IP addresses  . Especially, compared to the shared IP, your dedicated IP is more likely to get a better PageRank;

Enable Hosting Features → Many website functions can only be enabled on dedicated IP and not shared IP, such as FTP Anonymous, which allows you to use FTP programs to access files on your site;

Increases Business Identity → A dedicated IP also helps to build the trust of your customers and potential customers in your business.