Hosting you must meet several requirements:

server hosting

A while ago we talked about where the content of an app is hosted , since it is a frequent question that arises during the creation and publication process. The usual thing is to host the content of the application in a hosting ,  a web hosting (in English: web hosting).

Basically it is a service in which a provider rents to the user a server connected to the Internet and in which all kinds of files can be hosted so that they can be accessed online.

However, from the latest version of 480interactive , it is possible to generate an app without hosting, so that all the content is within the .IPA and .APK.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Not using hosting has advantages, such as avoiding the need for a connection to download content or the cost of having to hire a hosting only for the App if you do not have one.

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However, to not use hosting you must meet several requirements:

  1. Your App cannot be more than 500Mb .
  2. The content of your App cannot be updated without generating a new version , therefore, you will not be able to update the content very often.
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Steps to generate your App without hosting.

The first thing you should do is create your App on a regular basis, with the content format you want. Once you have it, you must add it to 480interactive.

When activating the “Publish my App” payment option , simply leave the “480interactive hosting” option un-activated   .

image hosting

After activating the “Publish my App” payment option, you can request your .IPA  and  .APK . Doing so will open a wizard. Uncheck the option “use hosting to store content” and complete the steps. You already have your App ready without hosting!

Have you ever wondered which solution is best for your company, business or client? Do you need an App or website adapted to mobile? The best option will depend on the needs of each project, so it is important to know what each solution offers us.

Mobile website

This option consists of  adapting a web page to the display of mobile devices  and to its own limitations (smaller screen, slow loading speed, etc.). As a website, to access it you simply have to enter from the browser of a Smartphone or Tablet.

At this point, there are several options : create a website specifically for mobile phones, adapt the design of the website so that it is displayed on mobile ( Responsive Design ) or implement AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages Project ) in a web page, so that reduce the HTML code when accessing the web from a mobile device and improve its loading time and usability.

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Mobile app

An app is a program (software) that is downloaded and installed on the Tablet or Smartphone . Unlike the previous option, it is necessary to install it on our Smartphone, consuming storage space. In order to distribute a Mobile App we will depend on the distribution channels (App Store and Google Play) and adjust to their conditions.

Mobile applications usually fulfill a specific function , respond to a specific need and allow many unthinkable functionalities to be carried out on a web page (complex games, services related to the GPS navigator, data capture from the internet, etc …)

Factors we must take into account

If what we are looking for is a dynamic option, with immediate content update, that does not take up storage space and without the need for specific interactivity, the best solution is a mobile website

A mobile-optimized website usually has a lower cost than custom development of an application and is more focused on attracting new users and potential customers .

On the other hand, if what we are looking for is an interactive communication channel, with fast access, capacity and performance (an application already downloaded has much higher accessibility than the mobile website as well as a better loading speed) the best option is a web application .

In this case, it is the channel most focused on user loyalty and stimulation as well as being the perfect complement to the website within the marketing strategy. Regarding cost, there are tools such as 480interactive that will allow you to create applications for your content at a very acceptable cost.