Are you New to the E-Commerce Environment?

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If you’ve never created a website before, you most likely want to have a designer that has a shopping cart built in. The purchase process must be user friendly. The ability to add more products and cancel until the end must be provided. There must be an integration with various online payment systems such as Paypal, Authorize, or 2checkout. The deployment of the products should be easy to apply. Featured products should be able to be deployed at any time. It should be possible to select the currency to be used on the site from several options.

The hosting provider should offer plans with more resources as the site grows, such as VPS servers or dedicated servers.

What should be taken into account to build the best sites for e-commerce

Here are the most important features that an e-commerce hosting company must offer to create an effective and profitable site. Currently, most providers are applying measures to provide the best environment and meet demand, as they have recognized current needs and have acquired new tools.

1. Product Deployment and Easy Handling

Products must be able to be deployed easily. You should then consider the best vendors to help deploy, market, and maintain inventory in the virtual store.

A hosting plan that offers tools to handle the best display of images, size options, colors, handling of articles, the number available, the varieties, the different sizes and colors, the shipping options is beneficial. The product management interface must be able to update features in an automated way.

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2. Multiple Payment Processing Options

Whether you are selling coffee mugs, clothing, either individually or in bulk, it is essential that the online store offers a variety of payment options, such as Paypal or Stripe. Hosting providers for e-commerce must therefore offer the appropriate interface to offer access to such third-party services.

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3. Tools for Marketing and SEO

Advertising is mandatory in any type of physical store, and it is the same in an online store. For the first visitors to come, you have to give the site a little push through advertisements and propaganda. Search engine presence needs that little kick or boost to let potential customers know what new the online store has to offer.

The best eCommerce servers have to offer SEO marketing tools with credit for search engine ads. This offer serves as a starting point for the host site to become familiar with. There should also be tools to optimize the virtual store and appear in the first places of search results in search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google.

  1. Included Page Builder

Something highly recommended and very useful is that a website designer should be included in the eCommerce hosting plan.

For start-up or budget-minded business owners to start big, it is not always necessary to possess a high degree of technical or design knowledge to set up an online store. There are platforms that facilitate this work. There are also companies that provide turnkey services with certain limitations at the beginning but that can be updated with more resources as the business grows. Here is a list of those options:

The Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms

You don’t have to be an eCommerce or web hosting expert to not have heard of the big names in the virtual store solutions market. Let’s take a closer look at those brands that are published everywhere for which they are highly recognized.


Shopify is like the latest generation when it comes to eCommerce. It is a turnkey solution. You do not have to do anything. This is a private platform, its own. It brings together many functions and tools to get a virtual store up and running in a short period of time. There are many design themes, many rendering and optimization options. The prices are high of course. Not suitable for beginners who have no budget. There are several plans, each with limitations. The more the plan offers, the more you will have to pay.


Wix is ​​a very powerful platform that has become the leader in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design tools. It has a designer with many design templates, code optimization, and without the need to have experience in web page design. Wix with its robust platform is ideal for single entrepreneurs, small businesses, who want to be on the Internet easily and quickly. You can create a free website, with limitations, and you can register a domain name with them. This way you will have your own website.