I named the database I created as wordpress_db


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We continue our Izmir web design and Izmir wordpress article series with wordpress installation locally. Those who are new to WordPress and want to improve themselves will have a great advantage by running wordpress on localhost and doing tests on this wordpress. Personally, although I have been dealing with wordpress sites for so long, I still try a new theme or plugin at local and then apply it to the sites. I recommend you to follow such a path. Also, if you are developing a new site, you can first prepare it in localhost and then move it to your host.

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As Izmir web design team, let’s explain how to install wordpress locally ..

First, let’s download the latest version of wordpress on wordpress.org. Click to download the latest version of WordPress : Download WordPress.

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We extract the downloaded wordpress files to our localhost. Click to learn about localhost installation and usage :

I created a wordpress folder inside the www folder of my localhost and extracted the files there. So I can access my site by typing localhost / wordpress in my browser , and my admin panel by typing localhost / wordpress / wp-admin Then, let’s write and install.

WordPress needs a database to run. Although it creates the database itself during the installation phase, it needs the information we will provide for the database connection. At this stage, we need to go to phpmyadmin and create a database.

To open phpMyAdmin, we type localhost / phpmyadmin in our browser .

Usually phpmyadmin login information is username: ” root ” – password is left blank . If you cannot login this way, you can try as root / root .

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Right after logging in, we click on the new option on the left and create a database.

I named the database I created as wordpress_db . You can give any name you want.

When we give a name to the database and click the create button, if we see the database on the left, it means we are done here.WordPress installation on localhost

We go back to our WordPress setup screen and write the name we gave to the database name section, and write the information we wrote while entering phpmyadmin in the username and password sections, and then continue with the Submit button.

Site Title: The name of your site that will appear in the browser.

Username: The username to be used when logging into the WordPress admin panel.

Password: The password to be used when logging into the WordPress admin panel.

Your e-mail address: The e-mail that will be used to login to the WordPress admin panel.

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We click on the Install WordPress button and ..

We have successfully completed the WordPress localhost installation. We create during the setup phase username and password and you can log in to the admin panel.

If you wish, you can also log in to phpMyAdmin and click on the database you created, and examine the tables WordPress has created for your site.

In this article, we examined the details of installing and running wordpress on localhost. For the next steps, you can read our WordPress – What To Do After Installation article. You can contact me for your Izmir web design works.