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As we know, if you want to have a perfect look in your big day, besides your wedding dress , the petticoat – a wedding accessory is also something that you need to pay attention to. But, it seems brides often overlook it. Actually, a good petticoat can make the wedding dress more elegant and fuller. It is used to adjust the shape of the wedding dress and can hold the dress in a domed shape. Different petticoats can give different looks to your dress.

Why petticoat for the wedding dress?

There are different types of petticoat including A-line petticoat, two hoop petticoat, three hoop petticoat, three hoop petticoat with train, mermaid two hoop petticoat, six hoop petticoat, four hoop petticoat, natural domed petticoat, six hoop petticoat with tulle , slim mermaid petticoat and two-hoop petticoat with a train. But in general, the most common are petticoats with a natural shape and petticoats with hoops.

Petticoats with a natural shape are usually made of organza. In comparison with the petticoats with hoop, the natural shape petticoats rather adapt to the organza or tulle wedding dress, because this kind of fabrics is lighter, which does not require the trouble to hold it. By using a naturally shaped petticoat you can show off a more beautiful figure.

Hoop petticoat is mainly used for princess satin wedding dresses, rounded skirt wedding dresses, and chapel train wedding dresses.

This kind of petticoats always have two or three hoops. Some of them are decorated with tulle, some of them have a train. To give the wedding dress a better natural presentation, we usually choose tulle petticoats. The number of hoops will be decided by the length and silhouette of the skirt. Petticoat with train fits the chapel train or monarch train wedding dress.

Satin Ball Gown / Princess Dress: If you choose satin wedding dress, you’d better choose petticoat with hoops, otherwise, your dress will look like A-line dress. Satin is one of the heaviest fabrics, only a hoop petticoat can hold it. While the satin is not that thick, when choosing a petticoat there are two important factors to consider. First, you need to choose a petticoat with bonanza satrangi   hoops, and the second, you had better choose a tulle petticoat. Choose a tulle petticoat with more layers possible to avoid the circle shape reflected in the skirt.

Chapel or Monarch Train Wedding Dress: If your wedding dress is chapel or monarch train, you should choose a hoop petticoat, as it can make the skirt fuller and fluffier, creating a perfect and gorgeous style and sense , showing a royal vision.

Pleated or draped wedding dress: this kind of dress attracts people’s attention to the waist of the bride and gives the impression of slimming. Only petticoats in fully arched shape can interpret the pleated details and bring a contrast effect.
A-line petticoat is suitable for wedding dress with tight waist and bonanza satrangi sale bonanza satrangi sale  rounded skirt.
A-line petticoat and wedding dress with tight waist and rounded skirt
Two-hoop petticoat goes well with the little A-line dresses.
Two-hoop petticoat and little A-line dress.
Three-hoop petticoat fits an A-line dress with a not very rounded skirt.
Three-hoop petticoat and A-line dress with not very rounded skirt
Petticoat with a train fits A-line dresses with a small train.
Petticoat with train and A-line dress with a small train
Two-hoop mermaid petticoat is prepared for dresses with a sheath body and a small train.
Two-hoop mermaid petticoat and dress with sheath body and small train.
Two hoops petticoat and a ball gown always go hand in hand.
Six hoop petticoat and ball gown
Petticoat a mermaid hoop fits a mermaid sheath dress.
Petticoat with mermaid hoop and mermaid sheath dress
Two-Hoop Train Petticoat fits a mid-length A-line train dress.
Mid-length two-hoop petticoat and train A-line dress
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