The first step would be to create a reseller account on our site: SSL certified reseller

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We noticed that the number of customers requesting information about reseller packages for SSL certificates is increasing, so we decided to write more details.

The first step would be to create a reseller account on our site: SSL certified reseller

You can consider this account even a test account, if it does not suit you, it can be canceled.

After logging into your account, you can find the entire price offer there. As the amounts paid to us increase, the price of certificates decreases.

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The new era of Google in the process of securing the Internet is about to take another huge step. Of course, before that, which will happen in July of this year, with the launch of Chrome 68 . So, there are about 2 months left in which you have to prepare and have an SSL certificate , to secure your site. You will find out what it is about in the following!

2 months left until the launch of Chrome 68!

The Google giant has confirmed that starting with July 2018 , with the launch of Google Chrome 68, all sites that have an HTTP connection instead of HTTPS will be clearly and without exception labeled as “insecure” or insecure. Last year, Google began taking smaller steps in this change process, marking unencrypted pages that collect passwords and bank card information. Then it started marking the pages where the data was entered using an insecure connection, as well as all the HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode. But now, all unsecured sites, considered unsafe will be marked.

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In the official announcement, Emily Schecther , Produce Manager of Chrome Security, says: “The new Chrome interface will help the user understand that all HTTP sites are insecure. It will continue to direct the entire web to HTTPS, and this “by default”. HTTPS is now more affordable and affordable than ever before and offers improved performance as well as powerful new features that are too sensitive to HTTP. ”

Globe SSL CA (Globe Hosting Certification Authority) now offers you SSL Certificates issued by GlobeSSL CA, in a provider standard of up to 2048 bits.

Accept the change and get ready for the update!

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This change that Chrome makes is an important opportunity for you and your site. You have to take advantage. Many website owners do not yet know about the inevitable arrival of this change. So, not only can you help your customers be fully prepared for this change before July. You can even give them the perfect solution to help them not lose the trust of their online visitors and their business, when Chrome 68 is launched.

Get an SSL certificate now!

SSL Certificates – DV – Domain Validated Certificates , cheap and accessible SSL certificates within minutes of payment confirmation!
SSL Certificates – OV – Organization Validated Certificates, SSL certificates with complete validation of the company with which you will increase customer trust.
SSL Certificates – EV – Extended Validation Certificates , the most recognized, appreciated and trusted SSL Certificates, with the highest security.

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Why is this change taking place?

You may be wondering why this change in July of this year. Google and Mozilla, two of the most popular web browsers, together hold over 65% of total web traffic. He has been working for some time to expand the use of SSL certificates. Last year they started making some changes to encourage the use of SSL. Sites were marked with forms and fields on pages hosted via HTTP, categorizing them as “insecure”. Now, with the launch of Chrome 68, Google goes much further by labeling any HTTP-hosted website as “Not Secure.”

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Not convinced yet why you should know about this change and prepare your customers to accept it? There are many benefits to site owners. HTTPS is faster, more powerful and of course more secure than HTTP, a fact proven in the SEO ranking. Moreover, you can use HTTP / 2 for super speed and visible improvements.

So if you still don’t offer an SSL certificate to your customers, you should start today! Through GlobeHosting you can quickly buy and sell SSL certificates, we are more than suitable to offer you all the information about the benefits and advantages of SSL certificates.