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The procedure by which a specific name is registered, to later be assigned to a web page is known as domain registration . In this way, the address is identified and translated, making it possible to search on the internet.

Expired domains and domain registrationEnlarge

On the other hand, expired domains are those that are available after being registered, either by an individual or by a company. This fact may be due to the fact that the contract has ended and those responsible have waived its renewal.

In such a context, there are different reasons for not renewing a domain . However, mainly, these are web businesses that have not come to fruition. Similarly, the disappearance of the portfolio to which the domain belonged in the course of an insolvency process is usually another of the main causes.

What benefits do expired domains bring to SEO positioning?

Correct positioning has two factors: first, it focuses on providing a higher quality to the content and structure of a page ; and secondly, it deals with all the aspects that can serve to propel it to the first search positions.

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Expired domains are generally used in the second factor. The objective is to launch all the SEO power gathered towards the website that wants to be positioned.

Also, these domains, on many occasions, have backlinks with links . This fact increases confidence, prestige and other SEO qualities, such as a high ranking of the site, also known as Page Rank.

In this context, these qualities are of vital importance to guarantee the future of a new ownership on the web . In the event that the first owner has used these factors on his website, acquiring an expired domain can become an excellent way to start an online business.

How important is having a good domain?

Having a good domain can facilitate a suitable place in searches , as well as specify the objectives depending on the professional sector to which you belong. If the search finds us easily, we will obtain many options for users to lean towards our business.

Choosing a domain name is subject to various questions. It all depends on the purpose of the website and the function intended for the domain itself. If it is for an online business it would not be the same as if it were a private site or for a blog . This fact takes on special value, since when the web page is finished, modifying the name will be quite difficult.

Thus, when choosing the domain name we must take into account a series of recommendations such as those detailed below:

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Domain extension: preferably short

Make it easy to memorize and spell

Refrain from including numbers

Use keywords

Avoid domain confusion and legal problems: do not use names that may exist such as .Com and register it with org. or similar

Expired domains and domain registration

The image of companies in a market as competitive as the current one is essential. That image on the internet is given by its web page, which is why nowadays the appearance, structure and design of web sites is very taken care of. However, many times it is possible to see excellent web pages associated with an inappropriate web domain, that has nothing to do with its content or that is very simple.

Registering a domain is a simple process that can help the company to have a name on the internet that provides it with a large number of benefits.

Advantages of having your own domain in your company

By hiring a custom domain, a company will be able to search for an appropriate name or phrase that defines it better, and is easily remembered by visitors. The main benefits that a domain brings to a professional or company are the following.

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Having your own domain provides an image of seriousness and professionalism that will help to improve confidence in the company, the brand, etc., fundamental factors to win new customers and keep the ones you have.

Help in search engine positioning

An own domain is considered favorable by the algorithms of the most important search engines such as Yahoo, Bing or Google, facilitating the positioning of your web pages. In addition, the text of the domain name itself can help position keywords associated with the web. It is an SEO tool that web designers take into account when creating a site.

Associate the domain with an activity

There are different types of domains that can be differentiated by their termination.

Regional domains . They are often used on web pages whose focus is regional. For example, ” .es ” domains are used by Spanish companies, or whose scope of action is Spain.

Global domains . These are more general domains that are not usually region-specific. For example, the domain ” .com ” is used by large companies that operate all over the planet.

Other domains . There are other domains that are used by companies that are dedicated to a type of business, associations, etc. For example, the domain “ .org ” is used by non-profit companies.

How to contract a domain

The best way to acquire a domain is to go to a professional and specialized company like Edomains. All types of domains can be contracted at the best prices on the market.

Steps to contract a web domain

To contract a domain in a simple way, you just have to follow a series of simple steps.

Go to the Edomains website.

Choose the type of domain from those available.

Choose the domain name and check that it is free (that it has not been previously registered).

Choose an option for accommodation, if necessary.

Paying for the domain on a secure platform to complete the registration and dispose of your property for a year. Choosing the appropriate domain name for a company is essential from a marketing point of view as it favors web positioning, helps win customers, favors the memory of the brand, etc. In a simple and fast process, from Edomains it is possible to register any type of domain at a competitive price.