What does it mean to work in the cloud?

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Working in the cloud is a comfortable and flexible option, since it allows you to have all your files on a virtual server that you access via the Internet. This makes it possible not only to free up space on your devices, but to access your data from anywhere.

But the true value of Cloud Computing or cloud computing is collaborative work . As several people can connect to the same projects and work simultaneously on their development, working in the cloud is becoming the best option for companies.


1 What does it mean to work in the cloud?

2 Types of services within Cloud Computing

2.1 Platform as a service (PaaS)

2.2 Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

3 What are the advantages of working in the cloud?

3.1 Mobility

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3.2 Personalization

3.3 Shared information

3.4 Synchronization

3.5 Update

3.6 Scalability

3.7 Savings

3.8 Security

4 How to work in the cloud safely?

5 Benefits of working in the cloud for telecommuting

6 Is Cloud Computing inevitable for all companies in the future?

What does it mean to work in the cloud?

Working in the cloud is using data, programs and applications not physically installed on your devices . In this way, you can be productive from anywhere, having access to updated information at all times.

The cloud is not an abstract concept: they are high-capacity servers made available to users by leading information management companies.

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Platform as a service (PaaS)

In this mode of working in the cloud, the provider provides a platform for application development and is responsible for its maintenance and management. The Google App Engine is an example of PaaS, in which the client can create applications in both Java and Python.

Here, the user does not control the storage infrastructure or the use of the networks. As an advantage, this model has automatic scalability , depending on what the user of the system demands.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

In this type of Cloud Computing system, the user has full control of all resources : servers, storage, and network equipment on a virtualization platform. It is perfect for developers, who can control all variables in the workbench.

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The advantages of working in the cloud with Cloud Computing are many and very diverse. Regardless of the chosen work model:


When working in the cloud, customer data is always accessible, from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection, and is protected.


Cloud services adapt to the needs of your customers quickly and easily, no long tutorials or complicated training are necessary and, in addition, it operates under its own domain without excessive costs.

Shared information

The fact of working in the cloud makes it possible for many users to share the same resources and information, working simultaneously on a single and updated version of their data.


Working in the cloud guarantees the synchronization of information in real time, this allows you to always work with the latest version of any shared resource.


The updates of the applications used are automatic and continuous, so it is transparent for the user working in the cloud.


The ability to store data in the cloud is virtually unlimited: as users upload content, providers increase their server capacity. If a company requires more space, computing capacity or access, it can contract them with the provider.


Because you only pay for what you really need and maintenance is at the expense of the provider, working in the cloud saves a lot of money, effort and time.


The information is never lost, as the provider takes care of continuously making backup copies. If a system failure occurs, the user does not lose any data.

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