What is cloud computing?

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The cloud is undoubtedly one of the technological services that is gaining strength both for personal use and in the corporate environment, since we can find in this service a wide variety of advantages compared to other information storage methods.

Despite its growing use, there are still many users and even company directors who still wonder what is cloud computing? , many of them even without being aware that they use it daily.

So if you want to know everything related to this service, join us on this journey through the clouds.

What is cloud computing?
The term cloud comes from the literal translation of the English “Cloud” or better known as “Cloud Computing”, attributed to Jhon Mccarthye as a metaphor for the Internet.

Jhon McCarthye is also responsible for introducing the term Artificial Intelligence in 1961

Simply put, the cloud computing (Internet) functions as a bridge between users and cloud companies. Users can manage all their data (documents, images, videos, programs, etc.) on the servers of these companies through the Internet.

Both individual users and companies find this service highly useful as it allows you to access all their information from anywhere in the world without having to store these files on their own physical computers.

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Although talking about the cloud may give us the impression that we are talking only about an imaginary or intangible space, the reality is that behind this service there is a gigantic infrastructure, which consists of physical resources so that millions of users can store and manage all your files anytime, anywhere.

Characteristics of cloud computing services companies
Cloud computing companies

Now that you know what cloud computing is and where this concept comes from, it is necessary to know what are the characteristics of the companies that offer this service to both individuals and companies.

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As we have mentioned previously, providing cloud services requires a huge infrastructure that supports the large amount of data that is managed every day.

For this reason, we find both companies clearly dedicated to this type of services, as well as others that take advantage of their technological capacity to provide these services in a secondary way.

Tools like Dropbox or Google Drive have become the most popular cloud storage companies , among users, as they are used daily by millions of people, even without realizing that they are using the cloud.

If we analyze the main characteristics of the cloud, tools such as Facebook, Instgram, Gmail, Outlook …… (which allow us to upload, download, store and manage our files), can also be considered as cloud services.

The Most Popular Free Cloud Computing Companies

Google Drive: this is undoubtedly one of the most popular tools for managing documents in the cloud and this is because anyone who has a Gmail email account has a Drive account.

This tool is free and allows Gmail users to manage all their documents with a storage capacity of 30GB.

Dropbox: Another of the most popular tools in the industry to access the cloud, Dropbox has become a very competitive company. In its free version, its users can get up to 2GB of storage.

Its interface is highly predictive and visually pleasing, allowing its users to access information easily and quickly.

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Mega: beyond the most popular cloud services such as Drive and Dropbox we find one of the safest free services. Mega is known for offering a very high degree of security, as files are encrypted every time they are uploaded and decrypted when they are downloaded.

Mega offers 50GB of free high security storage.

ADrive : It is another excellent free storage option in the cloud, in its free version we have 50GB of capacity, FTP access and a high level of security.

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At the company level:
Needs change when we talk about business-focused cloud services. Although a user like you or I have very basic requirements when we use the cloud, while in the professional scenario, the directors of the systems area look for a high-performance cloud computing service.

Cloud services can be both free and paid and vary primarily in the type of security and storage capacity each offers.

Therefore, companies are the most interested in looking for the best cloud storage solution in a paid version, due to the importance of the information and the amount of information they need to store, while a particular user will have more basic needs.