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The hosting of data or a website usually goes through shared physical servers. Dedicated servers are often too expensive for sites that generate little revenue, or have low traffic. An excellent alternative exists: VPS or virtual private servers. They simulate a physical server, and offer the same power, without the problem of management and without additional expenses. This is particularly what OVH offers with its offer of virtual servers. Overview of the advantages of the solution.

What is a VPS

Unlike a shared server, the data of a VPS is hosted on a virtual machine dedicated to a single user. We therefore find the advantages of a dedicated server, without the disadvantages of it. Cheaper, more adaptable and technically easier to access than the latter, a VPS is a hybrid solution that sits between web hosting and the physical server. In particular, it allows the same levels of performance and reliability as a dedicated server. Overall, a VPS is faster and more reliable than a shared server, and cheaper and less complex than a dedicated server.

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A VPS is a logical evolution if you want to go beyond web hosting. It allows you a much more sophisticated management of your hosting: access to root, access to Apache and PHP.init, possibility of installing SSL certificates, etc.

A solution adaptable to all needs

A VPS covers all web hosting needs: e-commerce site, showcase site, application hosting, hosting of data or communication systems, hosting of CRM, extranet, sandbox, multisite management … The solution is particularly interesting for hosting business applications (ERP or CRM): the guaranteed level of service is almost 100%, which means that your CRM, for example, will never be inaccessible.

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VPS can also be a solution for hosting such as game servers, or hosting media files. It is fully dedicated and hosted on an OVH machine in one of the host’s 30 data centers. You can manage your VPS via the web interface, or via the API. OVH VPS adapt to all operating systems and technologies with which you already work. As with other OVH hosting services, they have anti-DDOS protection that ensures service continuity, even in the event of an attack. Another advantage of the solution: it is totally adaptable to needs. If your traffic increases, or if your needs change very quickly, you can easily upgrade your server resources. You don’t need more physical storage to support the load.

Even if the OVH VPS solution is simplified, in particular thanks to the web interface, it is nonetheless dedicated to users with knowledge of system administration. Otherwise, web hosting remains a simpler and more accessible solution.

Very affordable and tailor-made rates

OVH VPS prices are tailored to your needs and therefore to your traffic or the amount of data you have. The plans are flexible and allow you to add storage with a few clicks and up to 16 IPs and 13 geolocations to isolate different sites and ensure availability for all users, anywhere in the world.

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