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Whois query process is done by searching the whois service for the domain name whose whois information is to be learned. As a result of this search, the information of the domain name kept in the domain registration operator (Registry) is displayed. You can use the Natro whois query service to find out who owns the domain .

What is Whois Hiding?

It is the domain service used to prevent the whois information of your domain name from being learned by third parties.

You may want to hide the ownership information of your domain name for various reasons; Some of these reasons may be to ensure the privacy of your domain investments, to protect your online identity, to get rid of unsolicited e-mails.

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Until this part of our article, what is a domain , what should we pay attention to when choosing a domain? we learned about them. So how do you buy a domain? What to buy a domain from?

There are many brokerage firms to buy a domain . After creating a membership in any of these companies, domain purchases can be made.

As seen in the examples, you can check for the domain you are looking for and buy it if the domain is empty. If the domain is not idle, you can choose from the recommended extensions or query a different domain.

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Recommended Domain Companies

Companies that I can recommend for you to choose when purchasing a domain:

# Natrona

# Beautiful Hosting

# turhost

# hostinguk

# Name Registration

Document Requiring Domains

Some domains require some documents when purchasing. These domains and the required documents are as follows:

# .Co.uk

– Activity document (taken from the Chamber of Commerce)

– Trade Registry Gazette

– Domain Name Allocation Form

– If your surname name upon ID photocopy

– If the domain name you apply firm not associated with your name and a marker if Trademark Registration Certificate


– For the domain name allocation, the organization law, foundation deed or association charter must be sent to the “.tr” Domain Name Administration along with the domain name allocation form.

– In order for non-profit organizations to apply for the “.org.tr” second level sub-domain name, they must obtain letters of support from at least three non-governmental organizations.

# .K12.TR

– If the organization requesting a domain name is a state school, a written permit issued by the principal authority of primary education, high school and equivalent schools, signed by the authority on letterhead and stamped.

– If the organization requesting a domain name is a private school, the Private Education Institutions License issued by the Ministry of National Education must be sent to the “.tr” Domain Name Administration.

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Other domains requiring documentation:

com.tr, biz.tr, info.tr, org.tr, net.tr, gov.tr, tv.tr, bel.tr, tel.tr, name.tr, gen.tr, web.tr, av. tr, dr.tr, k12.tr, edu.tr, pol.tr, bbs.tr, tsk.tr, kep.tr

# You can learn all domains that require documents and which documents are required via nic.tr.

# Source: Natro

Curious About Domain

How Much Does a Domain Cost?

Domains that are widely used internationally, such as .com .net , average around $ 8 per year. Domains such as .com.tr used in the geographical environment are around 20 dollars on average. Of course, these fees may vary from time to time with the campaigns of the intermediary companies.

How Long Is The Domain Registration Period?

Domain registration is done annually. However, it is possible to pay the fee for more than one year and register the domain for one or several years.

Is it Possible to Transfer Domains?

Yes it is possible. For example, you can transfer a domain purchased from Natro company to Güzel Hosting.

What is Domain DNS Forwarding?

For example, you bought the domain from Natro company, but your hosting service will be on Güzel Hosting. When the NS (name server) addresses from the domain control panel are updated with the information of the relevant company, the domain will be able to be added to a hosting package on Güzel Hosting. Eg:

What Happens If Domain Renewal Is Forgotten?

If the domain, whose annual fee is paid, is not paid when it expires, the domain will be idle. The wasted domain can be purchased by someone else or sold by the domain company for a high fee.

Can someone else buy the domain I bought?

You will not lose unless the renewal time of the purchased domain is missed.